Performance with Docker on OS X

Docker on Linux works perfectly, but on OS X and Windows it needs a virtual server to run on top of. Although it uses very little resources, I find it very slow when it comes to shared folders with the host computer. I want to create a development environment in Docker so performance is vital. I want to put several websites in a web folder that’s in sync with a Docker container that runs Apache. This might work smoothly on Linux, it doesn’t on OS X.

I therefore created an Ubuntu virtual machine using this image: following the instructions from I also enabled dual monitor support, see to make it feel more natural.

Working in a virtual environment works better than I had expected. Of course you need to dedicate some resources to the Virtual Machine, but that’s not the main problem. The main problem is that you need to configure everything again. Thinks like SSH-keys, .gitconfig, your profile files, an IDE, shortcuts, etc. That takes up hours!

At the moment I’m thinking of moving from OS X to Ubuntu. My Mac Mini lacks resources and the Mac Pro is overpriced. The specs are also outdated; the latest release was on December 2013! If I would run Ubuntu instead of OS X, I wouldn't have to develop in a VM and Docker would be a bit faster. Downside: configuring everything again...

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